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Please join us in collecting signatures.  Click here to find out where.


Randy has a message for the U.S. Senate:

The Constitution ! !


The People of Illinois have a message for Randy:

Take the Hill ! !

(Capitol Hill that is)



Randy is ready to take "The Hill" armed with the Constitution of the United States of America!



Randy is ready, but he needs your help.  Here are three way to help.


  1. 1)  CIRCULATE:  In order to get on the ballot in November, he needs 25,000 signatures.  Please click on the petition form on the right to download & print the petition.  Then get all your friends and family to sign the petition.  Have it notarized, then send it in to Randy before the 14th of June.

  2. 2)  VOLUNTEER:  There are opportunities throughout Illinois in which to spread the word.  If you would like to coordinate your county, staff a booth at a local event, participate in a parade, please click on the [Volunteer] button above and let Randy know how you would like to get involved.

  3. 3)  DONATE:  Randy really needs your help financially.  Right now there is a money bomb going on where you can donate to Randy's Campaign.  PLEASE consider supporting Randy financial as there is a lot of costs associated in running a successful campaign.  Please click the yellow "Donate Now" above and become a financial supporter for Randy. Fore more informations click on read more





A Marine for 22 years, Randy Stufflebeam made an oath to “support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. He is dedicated to restoring the values and the principles of Liberty that our ancestors shed their blood for and that our men and women are still defending today.

Randy will:

  • Uphold the U.S. Constitution

  • Fight for “We, the People.”

  • Restore Integrity, transparency & Accountability to our Government

  • Stand for Life & Family values

  • Read (and understand) the bills!

  • Teach the other 99 Senators the Constitution





Randy is what you would consider a fiscal and social conservative.  More accurately, Randy is a Constitutionalist.  He believes in the "Original Intent" of the Constitution.

You can click on the [ Issues ] button above to go to the full list of issues and how Randy stands on them.  But in a nutshell, Randy is:

Pro Life

Pro Family

Pro 1st Amendment

Pro 2nd Amendment

Pro Integrity

Pro Accountability

Pro Small Government

Pro Strong National Defense

Pro Illinois Agriculture

Pro Energy Independence

Pro State Sovereignty



Anti Illegal Alien

Anti Globalist

Anti Cap & Trade

Anti Corruption

Anti Nationalized Healthcare





Please turn in your petitions by June 14th.

We have a goal of raising  50,000 signatures in order to protect the 25,000 required signatures.

Click the form above to go to the petition page where you can download the petition to begin getting signatures




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For other Constitutional Candidates in Illinois, click the following link:






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John Brewster, Treasurer


P.O. Box 2010

East Peoria, IL 61611


A copy of our report filed with the Illinois State Board of Elections is (or will be) available for purchase from the State Board of Elections, Springfield, Illinois.